It would be nice if there would be a way to link directly to answers. 

Use case: for example when giving credit to some information taken from an answer, it would be very convientient to have a direct link to the answer instead of having to link to the question and giving the name of the author to distigish between multiple answers (which will also fail if one user posts multiple answers ...).
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Technically this is already possible. Answers can be liked using the link to the question followed by a link anchor `#a` + the answer post ID. For example, the link to this answer is:

The issue is there is no obvious way to get this link since it does not appear on the post itself. The question overview page actually directly links answers, but it isn't discoverable.

Linking the post date to the post itself would probably be the most readily discoverable way to expose this link. A small link icon on the post itself would also work.
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James Douglas
We have added a permalink button at the bottom of every post, next to the flag and subscribe buttons:


Enter question or answer id or url (and optionally further answer ids/urls from the same question) from

Separate each id/url with a space. No need to list your own answers; they will be imported automatically.