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In Stack Exchange, I insert images to posts like this:

1. If the image is already saved in my computer: I just upload it normally.
2. If the image is a screenshot or an online image: I copy the image to clipboard and paste (Ctrl + V in Windows) to the post.

In TopAnswers, (1) is already available. However (2) is missing. So I have to save images, even my screenshots, to a file named `auxiliary.png` in my pictures folder, and then upload the file. It is very time-consuming compared to the way I did in SE. Sometimes my computer goes laggy, it increased the time wasted even more.

I don't know whether older browsers (IE, ...) support such a feature, but I hope the feature will be implemented soon :).
Top Answer
Jack Douglas
Update Mar 2020: This is now working (though only tested in FF and Chrome).


Update Feb 2020: I've moved this on to [to a GitHub issue](https://github.com/topanswers/topanswers/issues/15) so work can begin, and will update the post here when it is complete.


Someone also mentioned this in chat (can't find it now), so it is already on the todo list.

If this is possible (and from what I understand of [this post on SO](https://stackoverflow.com/a/7784202) it seems like it is for 'modern browsers'), it would be very nice to have at minimal cost.
"Paste picture" feature
David replying to Jack Douglas
not so much - just thought "codepo8's" post might be of interest to you. Although now I look back at my chat , I'm puzzled why my link is malformed. I guess "operator error", strange as that may seem! :grimacing:
Jack Douglas
it's the calm before the storm right now — beautiful sunshine too
Jack Douglas replying to David
are you thinking adding drag/drop would be good too?
@Jack Hiya - this thing on [uploading images to a webpage](0https://christianheilmann.com/2020/03/20/fun-with-browsers-how-to-get-an-image-into-the-current-page/) popped into my RSS feedreader this morning. Probably nothing new for you there, but this Q&A came to my thoughts when I saw it, so ... there's the link, FWIW! Hope it's all good for you and yours just now.
@Jack Great! It works for me in Opera too.