TopAnswers needs an icon to represent itself on the Internet. It is necessary to have more than some word "TopAnswers" in the header, in my opinion.


Similarly, each community needs one such icon.

The current icon, which is used throughout the site across every community is the [favicon](https://topanswers.xyz/favicon.ico) of the site, which looks like this

![auxiliary.ico](/image?hash=71e10e45ba6c3f43b333bfab3a8eb6cf855eaf51b795f22028b2288f85720411) (16 × 16)

I can't find a larger version.

Do you think this icon will be a good representative of TopAnswers, or do you think a different one will do better? What is your opinion on this?
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### The TA Triangle Revised

Just an attempt to spruce up the current favicon:


I have no investment in the colour choice! Just thinking out loud...


*commentary*: I have some half-baked ideas about icon/logo alternatives for TA. I will post them here, thus exposing my creative deficit and lack of skills with graphics tools. The ones I will post here have been created in Inkscape, fwiw.

Consider these as the roughest of concept mock-ups....
Answer #2
How about a "T" and an "A" overlaid:

It incorporates the name, while also showing an up-arrow to the top bar.
Answer #3
### The TA "Interrobang"

I feel that the TA concept is well captured in this crafty little [punctuation mark][1]:


The colours are traffic-light red-gold-green, with some hazy metaphor of getting a "green light"... I dunno.

But the `!` + `?` mashup I thought made a good representation for a Q&A site. The character I've used here (bold and tweaked, not only for colour) comes from the lovely [Vollkorn][v] font, btw.

[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interrobang
[v]: http://vollkorn-typeface.com/
[b]: https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=373#a656


~\[See~ [~"TA~ ~Triangle~ ~Revised"~][b] ~for~ ~a~ ~bit~ ~of~ ~introductory~ ~comment.\]~
Answer #4
### `@` Backwards is TA


The `@` symbol is sometimes pronounced "at". "at" backwards is TA. The triangle motif sitting atop it is meant to reflect the answer's trajectory, rising to the top. This horizontally flipped and doctored `@` comes from [Andika New Basic][a].

No investment in colours, but they're in the neighbourhood of what Jack has for the current favicon.

[a]: https://fontlibrary.org/en/font/andika
[b]: https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=373#a656


~\[See~ [~"TA~ ~Triangle~ ~Revised"~][b] ~for~ ~a~ ~bit~ ~of~ ~introductory~ ~comment.\]~
What should the icon of TopAnswers be?
Adám replying to PeterVandivier
I don't think that's an issue.
@Adám Acquisitions Incorporated?  
David replying to PeterVandivier
Like it! Good idea - thanks!
PeterVandivier replying to David
editted answers 2&3 for the link and then got seduced into adding the subscript formatting. plz feel free to revert if you like :-) 
Funny story: Because I'm always using a dark theme for FF, at first I thought the TA favicon was just a blue triangle.
David replying to PeterVandivier
That's kind of funky! 😎
@David an `@>` icon seems like it might be partial penance for the `<>` logo on [db<>fiddle](https://dbfiddle.uk/) 😂
JouleV replying to Jack Douglas
Oh, I didn't think of this.
Jack Douglas
though I haven't checked if this will actually work with the way browsers handle favicons — it might require us to give communities their own subdomains
Jack Douglas
Having a community-chosen favicon for each community is another possibility
Jack Douglas
@JouleV We currently have a vague plan to make the triangle match the site colour — apart from that I'll be interested to see what ideas people have!