Questions have tags, but there does not seem to be any usable way to use them yet.

1. They should be usable to restrict search queries: `[faq] markdown` should only show me posts tagged *faq* matching markdown somewhere.

1. Clicking on the tag should load activate a seach query for that tag, effectively filtering the question list by tag.
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Jack Douglas
Update 5th July 2020: Clicking on a tag takes you to a list of all the tags (with the clicked tag highlighted and scrolled into view). From there you can click on a second link that takes you to a search of questions with that tag.


Update 17 Feb 2020: (1) is now implemented, and we are leaning towards 'wont-fix' for (2)


Update Feb 2020: This is starting to get increasingly necessary to have a comprehensive and flexible filtering mechanism. I've moved this on to [to a GitHub issue]( so work can begin and will update the post here when it is complete.


~~It's [been suggested]( that a simple drop-down might work.~~

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