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Letting people vandalize the site by deleting their own or others posts is not okay...

But there are legitimate needs for deleting something. Especially when posted in error, such as our case of [an answer](https://topanswers.xyz/tex?q=351) getting posted as a question instead of under the [question it belongs under](https://topanswers.xyz/tex?q=343). This kind of mess needs to be fixed, not left around to confuse and clutter every future visitor.
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Jack Douglas
This is now pretty much covered by flagging and the 'post cleanup crew' who can confirm flags.

More details on [this other meta post](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=182#a402):

> In normal use I expect something like the following to happen:  
> 1. Several users flag a post drawing it to the attention of the 'crew'. Comments are made in the question chat room  if necessary.  
> 2. The first two 'crew' members to visit the post confirm the flags and the post is then effectively deleted (invisible to everyone except 'crew' and the OP).
There needs to be a delete tool
Under the current site situation and licensing, would a user deleting their own posts still be deemed as "vandalizing"?
possibly related? https://topanswers.xyz/transcript?room=435&id=8872#c8872
i was pondering "deleting" my own post as i would normally do on SE when i realized it needs to be significantly modified to improve it.

Not sure if that would be the proper course of action here or if "hiding"/"drafting" is a different featureset ideally
Jack Douglas
Note that the links in Caleb's post point at a community that is currently in private beta, so if you can see them, it's a bug.