feature-request planned
I understand the requirement to link for licensing reasons on other people's posts and not on your own, but I would actually _like_ to show the back linkts to original  locations when I import content from SE.

For posts that were directly imported, please add or allow and option to add a link back to the source even when importing my own posts.
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Jack Douglas
We are going to implement this as a profile setting.

In addition, the link back to SE will be added to the post history for all imported posts.

I've moved this on to [to a GitHub issue](https://github.com/topanswers/topanswers/issues/20) so work can begin, and will update this answer when it is complete.
Retain link to original posting location when importing from SE
Once both my content and I are here, I'd like to not have link to SE be prominent because I've now licensed it to TopAnswers, not via SE.  But the import history should remain in the post history for review by anybody who's interested (and to make maintenance easier -- the code should still be able to tell that something has already been imported).
Caleb replying to Jack Douglas
Yup, that was meant for a different question.
Caleb replying to Jack Douglas
Yes, I could see some people _not_ wanting to link their own content. Perhaps some good motives, perhaps even some less friendly ones as far as holding a grudge against SE even having the content. Personally I can't think of a case where I wouldn't prefer too cross link, but making it optional on a per-user basis seems pretty reasonable. That would nicely cover cases of other people importing other people's content too.
Jack Douglas
@Caleb I think the answer you posted here was meant to be an answer to another one of your questions? or a question edit?
Jack Douglas
@Caleb this is possible without any significant changes — we keep the link internally it is just a matter of presenting the information. I suspect this will end up as a profile setting as others have indicated they don't want their content linked.