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James Douglas
One meme per answer please. 
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Josh Darnell
# Needs Refresh

[First referenced][1] on 2019-10-31 in [The Heap][2].

A reminder from the development team to refresh a webpage in order to see a specific bug fix or feature change.  Implies the reader doesn't know how websites work.

Answer #2
James Douglas
# Room 3

[First referenced][1] on 2019-11-07 in [stop the merry-go-round][2].

An inaccessible, and obviously nefarious, chatroom. A clear sign that TopAnswers has already become an evil corporation.

Answer #3
James Douglas
# 6 to 8 days

[First referenced][1] on 2019-11-12 in [stop the merry-go-round][2].

A not so subtle dig at Stack Overflow's turnaround time for new features and bug fixes.

[1]: /transcript?room=4&id=2063#c2063
[2]: /databases?room=4
Answer #4
James Douglas
# New New Chat

[First referenced][1] on 2019-11-06 in [stop the merry-go-round][2].

A call for replacing this site's chat anytime a bug or limitation is discovered.  An arbitrary number of "New"s can be added as needed.


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