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When I started using TopAnswers I noticed, and was initially confused by, the inbox for chat replies.  At the time I assumed it was a general inbox; all I'd done so far was chat, so it made sense that it was full of chat stuff.

I've now posted some questions, some of which have gotten answers, but I've seen no notifications.  Should I have?  Or haven't we built an inbox for Q&A responses yet?  If we haven't, will we?

As the body of questions grows, and also as time goes on and questions can thus be inactive long enough to be out of view, being alerted that somebody has provided an answer seems pretty important.
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James Douglas
Similar to [@Caleb's list](/meta?q=240#a182), you will now get notifications:

* When someone edits a question  of yours
* When someone edits an answer of yours
* When someone edits a question you are subscribed to
* When someone edits an answer on a question you are subscribed to
* When someone posts an answer on a question you are subscribed to

You are automatically subscribed to questions posted by you, but you can unsubscribe by clicking the bell icon at the bottom right:

![Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 19.00.16.png](/image?hash=cbb421d4d133afb3c3c6d9dccb0d06b20352827d657febe326ab04e912496842)

and you can subscribe to anyone's post or re-subscribe to your own by clicking the empty bell icon:

![Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 18.59.41.png](/image?hash=5d4af60344b7efc4647697d4a828c7a8eb3405254d3db22ab08b75f0b06374ef)
Answer #2
Yes, the notification system needs to be expanded to handle more notifications. Perhaps each notification type should be optional, but probably defaulting them all to "on" is best.

* New answer to question
* Any own post edited by other user
* Edited answers to question (something SE doesn't do, maybe default to off)
* New participant in chat where you have a post, because they don't always ping the post owner... (default to off?)
Will there be an inbox?
Caleb replying to Jack Douglas
Yes. The way the other posts (answers, question lists) display with padding all around is better. They should have exactly the same padding, the rhythm is important. The question could be emphasized and distinguished from answer posts some other way, but not by aligning them differently in the same frame space.
Jack Douglas replying to Caleb
you mean put padding all the way round the question there? It actually used to be like that and I'm not averse to going back to that. 
I actually don't agree that it's adverse at all. The question lists page has some padding, and all the answers do — and both those places _look and feel_ better than the one place that is a problem: the question post section of question pages.
Jack Douglas replying to Caleb
I rather do that just for those that need it as it adversely affects the look of the page to have extra space there — I wonder if there is any way to detect in browser whether the hover-only scrollbars are active.
Caleb replying to Jack Douglas
Easy: give the zone where the scrollbar might be on some systems some padding. Right now there are about 2 pixels where the  button can be hit without covering it up. The potentially covered space should never have anything you need to touch.
Caleb replying to Skillmon
Yes, the Tridactyl hint modes work. But  not everybody is a wizard and I think this site should make sumo allowances for those who are not die-hard vimers.
Paul White
I have this tuned off in the Windows Display settings
Skillmon replying to Caleb
shouldn't subscribing with Tridactyl work easily for you? Or does it somehow toggle the scrollbar, too?
Jack Douglas replying to Caleb
I'm not sure what to do about this tbh, until we get an idea how many are affected by the issue. Am I right to assume it is actualy possible for you to subscribe, it just you have to be careful not to trigger the scrollbar appearance on hover?
Caleb replying to Jack Douglas
I don't think it's a window manager thing, but it might be a browser + UI toolkit thing. Yes scroll bars are hidden unless in active use (recent scroll movement or hover over edge).
Jack Douglas replying to Caleb
Are you on a window manager that hides scrollbars unless you are hovering over them? That also happens on MacOS but only with non-default settings.
Hey @James! The subscribe feature is great, thanks. The button itself is pretty hard to hit though. At least on Firefox it's a tiny thing right on the edge of a scrollable area and is actually covered by the scrollbar that pops up when bringing the mouse to bear anywhere near that edge.
And I found out about this via...a notification. :-)
@James Very nice!  And the subscription idea is a very nice addition; that's something I've often wanted on SE (no the favorites list doesn't do it for me).
Paul White
Notifications for edits just arrived
@Caleb I'd say every one of those should be turned on by default, as they all are really sensible. Also I think there should be a method to subscribe to a message even though one hasn't contributed to it.
@Caleb on SE I have often felt the lack when I don't find out about answer edits until something else brings me to the page.  I'd like to see that be available.