When I started using TopAnswers I noticed, and was initially confused by, the inbox for chat replies.  At the time I assumed it was a general inbox; all I'd done so far was chat, so it made sense that it was full of chat stuff.

I've now posted some questions, some of which have gotten answers, but I've seen no notifications.  Should I have?  Or haven't we built an inbox for Q&A responses yet?  If we haven't, will we?

As the body of questions grows, and also as time goes on and questions can thus be inactive long enough to be out of view, being alerted that somebody has provided an answer seems pretty important.
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James Douglas
Similar to [@Caleb's list](/meta?q=240#a182), you will now get notifications:

* When someone edits a question  of yours
* When someone edits an answer of yours
* When someone edits a question you are subscribed to
* When someone edits an answer on a question you are subscribed to
* When someone posts an answer on a question you are subscribed to

You are automatically subscribed to questions posted by you, but you can unsubscribe by clicking the bell icon at the bottom right:

![Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 19.00.16.png](/image?hash=cbb421d4d133afb3c3c6d9dccb0d06b20352827d657febe326ab04e912496842)

and you can subscribe to anyone's post or re-subscribe to your own by clicking the empty bell icon:

![Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 18.59.41.png](/image?hash=5d4af60344b7efc4647697d4a828c7a8eb3405254d3db22ab08b75f0b06374ef)
Answer #2
Yes, the notification system needs to be expanded to handle more notifications. Perhaps each notification type should be optional, but probably defaulting them all to "on" is best.

* New answer to question
* Any own post edited by other user
* Edited answers to question (something SE doesn't do, maybe default to off)
* New participant in chat where you have a post, because they don't always ping the post owner... (default to off?)

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