I infer that reputation (how much?) is earned for upvotes on posts (anywhere or just main?).  I also know that there are no downvotes.  What else affects reputation?
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Paul White
You earn stars when someone stars your question or answer.

* Initially, you can award one star to each post.
* When you reach a total star score of 10, you will be able to award one or two stars to each post.
* When you reach 100 stars, you can award up to three stars.
* ...and so on.

Questions can only be awarded stars if they are *meta* posts (all questions on meta, questions marked as local meta questions on main).

Your total stars are maintained separately on each site.
How is reputation earned?
Paul White
I dislike the idea of encouraging trivial edits just to earn stars. Seems overly complex too.
@PeterVandivier - alright, I'll bite.  How do you mean "proportionally"?  I've made far more edits on SE than questions.  Often times these are to update answers as they have become dated, but sometimes it is just to correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  The former creates far more value than the later.  Do you think both should be equally rewarded?
Bad Idea Jeans: award stars proportionally to the all editors of the post as of the time of the vote 🤷‍♂️
@Paul Great idea that voting ability depends on reputation. This is a way to make high-quality posts emerge.