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Jack Douglas
For many years I've rented a quarter-rack for some clients, and TopAnswers ran in a VM on a server in there. My contract with the data centre is up at the end of January and I'm not planning to renew, so TopAnswers needs to move to a new home.

The plan is to split the application and database and:

1. move the database to RDS Aurora
2. move the application to an EC2

I don't know the precise timing yet, but I hope it will all happen in the quiet period over the next week or two, and only involve an hour or so downtime during the database migration. I'll update this post after each step is completed, and please let me know in here if you hit any issues during the move.



* 2022-12-26: The database has moved to Aurora. Downtime started at 12:10 and finished at 13:20 UTC. It looks like some things might be quicker and some slower on Aurora - please let us know if you find anything has got noticeably slower and we'll look into it.
* 2022-12-27: The new webserver on AWS is up and running - I'm using it to make this edit. ~~I'm about to switch the DNS.~~ I've switched the DNS ~~and am seeing some traffic right away on the new server~~. Seeing as all the traffic is on the new server after about 5 minutes, I've shut down the old server and the move is now complete. Any problems please let me know in here.

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