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Each fieldset on the profile page has a separate save button, but each save button reloads the page. This causes anything changed in another fieldset other than the one being saved to be lost. If all the fields are presented at once either they should save automatically one at a time without a reload (ala AJAX) or a single save operation should process all fields at once.

I understand technically how this happened and it's easy enough to work around by changing one thing at a time, but this _will_ trip people up.
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Jack Douglas
Pending a major revamp of the profile page at some point in the future, we've prevented the dropping of data somewhat brutally, by simply disabling all fields except the one you are currently changing.
Profile page "saves" drop data
First hand user experience: I was confused by the fact that every other area became inaccessible and though setting an avatar or user name wasn't possible at first...
Jack Douglas
excellent, I'm glad you think that's an improvement for now at least
@Jack That is brutal, but it's a lot better than confusing  and/or frustrating users by loosing their data. :thumbsup:
Jack Douglas
yes absolutely right the profile page is just thrown together right now