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I recently got this email message from Top Answers:


The only content of that email was:
 - Title: "other"
 - Body: "other"
 It seemed like a strange message to receive. Is it a bug?
 I recently did the following things in TopAnswers that might have triggerd the message:
  - Posted two new posts in the new db<> fiddle community: https://topanswers.xyz/fiddle?q=2039 ... and ... https://topanswers.xyz/fiddle?q=2040
  - Commented in a closed post: https://topanswers.xyz/databases?q=2031
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Jack Douglas
As samcarter mentioned in a comment, these are sent when a post of yours is flagged.

The post you link to is the one - I flagged it to hide it on dba.ta and asked you to copy/paste to fiddle.ta, which you kindly did.

> It seemed like a strange message to receive. Is it a bug?

I think it's probably best called a bug - it was half-implemented and then forgotten about. I've [now tweaked](https://github.com/topanswers/topanswers/commit/92dfa62fa29903b87f16b3e4d010e9ae1ea981f6) the flag notifications so there is a more verbose message.

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