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User 1791
I have a recurring issue where my company’s corporate firewall blocks me from using in Chrome.


I asked my company's Network Security department about why TopAnswers was being blocked:

> We did some research on this domain and it is blocked because it is associated with Malicious Trojan traffic. We will not be unblocking it.

(I don’t have this issue on my home computer, which is where I’m posting this question from.)

Does anyone else have this issue? Jack, is that something you've come across before?

Top Answer
Jack Douglas
short answer: we are moving to at some point which is the long-term solution to this

Blocking all or nearly all .xyz domains does seem to be a thing at some companies. It's possible that will happen less as the tld [gets more popular](, but we [are not-for-profit]( and .org seems like the right tld to reflect that.

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