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John K N
It has been some time since I last posted here, but I still occasionally used db<>fiddle to try things out. My apprentices have a task to run various `JOINS` via db<>fiddle and this might lead to some additional traffic hitting this site.

In the beginning there were various options to donate towards the development and hosting of db<>fiddle and recently in the other V1.0 chat somebody asked about donating to db<>fiddle.

### Question

**Is there any chance you, Jack, will be rigging up another donation option in the near future?** 

I feel like it's time for me to donate again. 

**Thanks for keeping db<>fiddle up-to-date.**
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Jack Douglas
I don't think I'll ever add another donation option but you may see more adverts in future.

Any adverts will be approved, static, text or images, and restricted to the bottom of the page where they don't get in the way, like this advert on SQL Server fiddles:


> Thanks for keeping db<>fiddle up-to-date.

No problem! As long as it is getting used, I'm planning to keep updating it, and there is no sign of it falling out of use (about 100k visits and 4k fiddles created per week). I'm planning some big changes soon, including:

* A bit of a UI facelift/refresh, including moving the code editor from Ace to Codemirror 6
* New backends for SQL Server 2022, MariaDB 10.8 and Postgres 15 when they are released
* Non-database backends, starting with NodeJS 18
* A dedicated community on TA just for db<>fiddle support

I'm experimenting with [Firecracker]( for the NodeJS backend but if all goes well I will probably use the same technology for suitable DB backends (like SQLite). It's a very good balance of isolation, spin-up speed and resource usage compared to full-fat VMs and containers at the two extremes.

I'm going to have a lot more time to work on this (and other projects) from the end of June, but some is on course to land before then :)

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