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i have 3 community ideas to create:

* android support (for every question android-related, starting from google apps on adb drivers ending)
* ios/mac support (generally evrything apple-related)
* other channel (where all off-topic but development related questions can land... like holy-c or idk binary)

hope it'd fit here and you'll finally add it...
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Jack Douglas
We've talked before about a community which takes "any other questions", and could maybe act as an incubator for other communities, if it got busy and attracted enough questions/activity.

I think perhaps it's worth trying out, if we can have a couple of people on the 'crew' flagging and commenting on any question that should be in an existing community.

If we do this I think it should always be a second class citizen:

* no tags
* only one question type
* no stars?
* simple colour scheme?

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