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prabhjot drake
Prabhjot Singh joined 8 months back. He asked one linux question then. He joined this site by clicking `join(sets cookie)`. Now the boy has lost his account for reasons he does not know.

What a user should do when he joins TopAnswers.

Another question is what a user should do if he accidently loses access to his account? 

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Jack Douglas
The best thing to do is to add your email to the account, or link it to SE, so we don't need to worry as much that some malicious account hijacking attempt is going on.

If that's not the case we are just going to have to go case by case, and in your case go with [the instinct]( of those who are likely to know best in your communities.

We've merged you accounts manually, but ask if you'd consider adding some identifying info to your account in case it happens again!
Answer #2
Losing ones account on TopAnswers is not as bad as it would be on other sites. With a couple of tweaks you can make your account be nearly the same as your old one:

- To rename the new account, go to your profile, e.g. and change the name to be the same as your old account

- If you had a custom picture for your previous account, you can change it on the same page

- Now go to your previous questions and answers and press the little bell icon below them 
   ![Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 10.25.50.png](/image?hash=061113f997c4a58111ac7aa231e38cf013f4fbffb3206557d2a9211e786b3944)
   This will ensure that you will get notifications about new answers or edits, just like your old account would have. To find a list of all questions and answers, click on the avatar of your previous account and you will get to a site like which lists them all
- Similar for chatrooms your previous account was active in. If you visit them, you can click on the `listen` button on the top right 

  ![Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 10.56.27.png](/image?hash=de005307fa2e4d37d48e850e8c924956959ae7a10cca23d6a7b65966d701db60)
  Even if pings won't show up in the notification panel of your new account, you will still see them in the unread chat message counter on the top right.
With these steps, your new account should basically be just as good as your old one.

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