wont-fix add tag
At least in Firefox, when posting a comment, closing the tab and then reopening it, the text of the last posted message reappears in the edit area, which is more likely to be annoying than useful. Unposted text reappears as well (which seems marginally useful).

I thought it had to do with private browsing, but reproduced the same behaviour in public too. A quick test with Chrome showed no preserved text, either posted or unposted.

It is just a minor nuisance and seems to be more related to the browser than the site, but if there is a relatively quick fix for it, it seems worth considering (in case of site adjustments) or sharing (for browser settings or similar). Feel free to tell me to go bother Mozilla.

This could be related to [Return of the dead](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=584), but is more likely just loosely based on the same concept.

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