It's great to have the [provision of RSS feeds][r], both for communities/sites as a whole for new questions, and on a question-by-question basis for new answers.

These aren't easy to discover, however.[^a] My suggestion (a.k.a. "feature request") is that we add the universally understood RSS icon (linked to the relevant RSS feed for that page, of course) to the top bar of sites and questions,[^b] something like this:



- takes up no more screen real-estate
- aids substantially in "discoverability"
- meets (some) [user expectations][u]


- ... hmmm... other than more work for the devs, I can't think of any. :)

[^a]: Well, that's not *quite* true if you're using an RSS feed reading service like Feedly, or Inoreader or something. But it is true if you want to get the link for your own, local feed-reader.

[^b]: There may well be other approaches to this, e.g. an `RSS` "lozenge" matching the `Import` and `Ask` pair already present. My own sense is that the visual differentiation would help, though. The RSS feed is a different "kind" of link than "Import"/"Ask".

[r]: https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=1316#a1559
[u]: https://topanswers.xyz/transcript?room=2&id=80262#c80262
Top Answer
Jack Douglas
I can think of a few disadvantages:

* It does take up a bit of header real-estate.
* It's noise for the vast majority of the millions of users we will eventually have.
* The right place for the icon seems to me to be somewhere in the browser chrome, rather than on-page. When browsers used to show feeds, that is where they put the icon:

[![Screenshot 2020-11-05 at 22.15.02.png](/image?hash=abd3a785126ee92083012b70090eb1afe1e7556dbce409442a736f04ba827193)](https://learnwebtutorials.com/how-to-have-rss-icon-show-up-in-firefox-address-bar)

My feeling is that someone who likes RSS feeds is likely to (or should) have an extension to discover them. Both [Firefox](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/livemarks/?utm_source=addons.mozilla.org) and [Chrome](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rss-subscription-extensio/nlbjncdgjeocebhnmkbbbdekmmmcbfjd?hl=en) have popular extensions for this.

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