I want to link from my SE account to this one but I cannot find my user ID.

I have not posted anything (until now), to get the link from the post. Is there a link somewhere on my profile?


In the chat it was mentioned that you could [link your SE account]( but I don't see this option on my profile page:

![2020-10-20 09-40-03.png](/image?hash=ff903cc15d373b1a75e18cee1a07d6703d81832705f3b24725c9974384a40967)

**Update again**

Nevermind, this screenshot is from the meta user. On the C++ user's site the option is shown as advertised. Just one suggestion: Maybe you should still have the linking area be visible but with a message that linking is not supported for this area (meta in this case).
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Jack Douglas
You usually don't really need to know your user id before posting, but if you do, you can get it from the dev tools in your browser. Right click on your user icon and select 'Inspect Element':

![Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 18.03.58.png](/image?hash=ff5a2da760bfdfa367c26a8e680ca25aa6d49ee3817c597297a25d33f6a1bb9b)

Your user id is in the `img` `src` attribute:

![Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 18.06.52.png](/image?hash=9467c47aad1162d6d093dd87cb09fbdb3cb9ff3a606b21ef3ac745bbd57fe955)

N.b. this only works if you haven't replaced the generated image with your own avatar.

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