I would like to be able to onebox TA chat messages in posts when appropriate. For example: in...

@@@ question 1440

@@@ question 1057

...which admittedly are both `feature-request`s regarding chat functionality.
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Jack Douglas
I've tagged this `wont-fix`, even though the oneboxing feature we are working on will almost certainly support this by default — I think we will have to specifically disable oneboxing chat messages in posts!

I feel that chat works well as it is — people know that it's transient, it scrolls up and off the screen, mostly never to be seen again. Yes, you can already link to it of course (even with a screen grab), just like you can link to Dischord, Reddit, or any forum, but what you are asking will elevate it above that level, which I don't think we want.

I've answered with similar logic here:

@@@ answer 1698

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