`feature-request` Chat messages with a onebox element should allow other text.

I would like to be able to comment on a one-boxed element as a part of the same chat message in which I supply the one-boxed link. 

For example, in...

[![Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 14.53.36.png](/image?hash=649cce395cb9a1992c48374e771f35c81a141f66d70dfede9664d19d730fdb1a)](

...I was expecting to have the youtube link oneboxed as usual to then be able to comment on it with my opinion.

This feature could even be considered a work-around solution for... 

@@@ question 1057

...since I could optionally provide an in-line onebox to the message I want to reply to if I believe it's too far up to reasonably scroll back. 


I can workaround the current limitations by breaking up my thought into multiple chat messages, but often this approach is suboptimal as it can remove the impact of an otherwise atomic statement. Additionally, having the atomic statement split apart makes it more ambiguous for any potential linked replies to the thread.
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Jack Douglas
The feature we are working on to support better oneboxing inside posts will also work in chat

@@@ answer 1149

Here are a few notes about the current plan and we'll update this post as implementation progresses:

* There will be a new 'onebox' button on the post toolbars, wrap the selection is a onebox container
* Posting a raw link will still auto-onebox in chat — or you can manually use the container syntax if you want more than one
* Editing a chat message will present you with the text you actually entered rather than the 'oneboxed' output markdown (with the exception of chat auto-oneboxing which will give you the 'wrapped' text)
* Oneboxes will be static once added — if the thing being oneboxed changes (eg update to Wikipedia or refreshed db<>fiddle) and you want to update the post, there will be a separate button in the post toolbar to refresh all oneboxes in the post.
* Onebox syntax will look like this:

      ::: onebox
* We might extend the syntax to allow a maximum width/height, or a sensible default may be enough in practice.
* The plan is to get this all working in chat first and then extend to posts, just because it's easier that way round. As of 1st Nov, we have xkcd working using the new oneboxing syntax. The changes are pretty big, but many of the hardest issues have now been solved and progress should now be fairly rapid.

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