completed bug add tag
For example on [DataBase]( community:

|name     |questions|
|mysql    |        6|
|…        |        …|
|mysql-5.7|        1|
|mysql-8.0|        2|

Search by `[mysql-8.0]` tag gives me only 1 question.
Search by `[mysql]` tag gives me 5 results instead of 6
And finally search by `[mysql-5.7]` tag returns no questions at all.

Top Answer
Jack Douglas
Thanks for reporting this — I think it is now all fixed.

We aren't showing draft posts in the totals anymore (draft posts are a new thing and shouldn't have been in the totals anyway), and we also aren't showing posts that are not publicly visible due to flags — either in the tag counts or in searches.

That was part of the reason for the wrong totals, but I think they were also set up wrong when we first created them. I just overwrote them with the correct totals — which now should keep in sync.

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