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Stack Exchange has RSS feeds which you can read about [here](1) or [here](2). In my opinion, they're not very good though, and need advanced coding skills to interact with.

TopAnswers doesn't have RSS feeds at this time.

Can we get an RSS feed, preferably with JSON format output? 

A sane TopAnswers API I can hook into to know when/if there are new answers/comments to my questions here would be awesome.

Top Answer
Jack Douglas
We've implemented standard XML RSS feeds for:

1. Each community:

   These feeds show new questions in the order that they are published. Question edits and the posting of answers don't trigger a bump because this feed is for those who are watching for new questions in a community.

2. Each question:

   These feeds show the answers on a question sorted by the last edit. It's roughly analagous to the 'subscribe' button and it there to let you keep on top of all updates to a question and its answers.

Enter question or answer id or url (and optionally further answer ids/urls from the same question) from

Separate each id/url with a space. No need to list your own answers; they will be imported automatically.