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prabhjot drake
I've been using Top answers for a week or so. This is a good place for me where I can see TeX and unix questions. But this is true for desktop website. I can't see Q's on my Nokia C2-01 phone. When I open Top answers in browser I can see just Top answers logo. This is very bad experience.
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Jack Douglas
The best experience might come from an app — and there the best I can offer you is that some kind of support is at least *possible*. If we get J2ME volunteer developers on board we can provide them with a clean JSON API they can build from.

There would have to be some careful thinking about what exactly you'd expect on a 240 x 320 pixel screen, whether there is an app, or we target the (presumably) severely limited browser, but I imagine browsing questions, and possibly chatting, wouldn't be beyond someone with experience on the platform. Hard to imagine someone stepping up to devote a lot of time to it though, do you know people who would want to?

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