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It has been great to see development in support for and use of tags on TA.

Even so, at the moment, features supporting "tags" remain relatively sparse. The tooltip hover, for example, allows for some minimal induction and guidance for users, but this is quite limited in scope.

Ideally (IMO) it would be good to have "tag wiki" support to supplement the basic tag features already implemented. This would allow for more extensives statements about the particular tag item, including links to further information. The latter in particular is not possible given "tooltip" glosses alone.

Curation of "tag wikis" can take a bit of effort, but I believe this is well invested if it means adding clarity in the functioning of the sub-sites, and adding quality to the Q&As that are our *raison d'être*.


Cf. https://topanswers.xyz/transcript?room=1219&id=59549#c59549

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Jack Douglas
My thinking is currently balanced between two ways of implementing something along these lines (but not the full-blown feature):

1. Allow a simple list of links attached to each tag, that you would see in a final column on [the tag list page](https://topanswers.xyz/tags?community=meta), after "description" (which is the hover text)
2. Allow a one-line 'further info' field which allows limited markdown like the answer summaries on the main question list.

(2) would be a bit more free-format than (1), but still fairly limited compared to the 'full fat' solutions that make use of a dedicated post type.

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