feature-request add tag
Solomon Rutzky
If there's no technical reason _not_ to do this, please add markdown support for the [<kbd>](https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_kbd.asp) tag.

@Adám found a **markdown-it** plugin that supports this:


According to that GitHub page:

> Renders `[[x]]` as `<kbd>x</kbd>`

Also, if possible, please add an icon for it to the button bar on the far left (that has Bold, Italics, Link, Quote, etc). And, if _that's_ possible, then while in there tinkering with stuffs, perhaps add buttons for ^superscript^ and ~subscript~ as well? :smile_cat:  I think all three would be more widely used if more folks knew that they were available.

Thanks muchly :smiley_cat:

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