Solomon Rutzky
I sometimes get caught going over the time-limit when editing a comment such that I hit `<enter>` and get the following modal dialog:

> says  
> 403 Forbidden  
> ERROR: too late  
> CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function _error(integer,text) line 1 at RAISE  
> SQL function &amp;quot;change&amp;quot; statement 4

(yes, it had `&quot;` instead of `"`)

What would be really great would be a countdown timing indicating how much time is left before I am unable to submit an edit. This would show up in two places:

1. when hovering over the "edit" icon to the right of a recently posted comment, it shows a tool-tip / title saying only "edit".
1. when editing a comment, the shaded area just above the comment shows "editing, pinging someone \[x\]"

In both places it would be extremely helpful to have something along the lines of the following to the right:

> (m:ss left)

This is less of an issue on StackExchange because there I can delete the no-longer-editable comment and re-post the new version of it. It only becomes a problem if there are any comments that follow and thus the comments would then be out of sequence.

(_OR_, you can have per-person time limits on editing, and then set mine to an unreasonably large number :smile_cat: )


Yikes. I was just about to post this same request to Meta.StackExchange but figured I should do a quick search first, and found this:


Pretty much the same request but that got 11 downvotes (I added an upvote so it shows -10 now). But yeah, tough crowd :-(

Top Answer
Jack Douglas
Although this is a very popular request, we think it doesn't need fixing any more because it's made obsolete by greatly increasing the chat edit limit:

@@@ answer 1389

Please let us know if that's a bad assumption…

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