Solomon Rutzky
I have a permalink to a comment:

It takes you to a chat room / transcript with the particular message highlighted. 

That ok, but what I had really wanted was to reference that comment _within_ the context of it's associated Q & A.

Yes, at the top of the chat room / transcript there is a link to the question:

[Can't add, or even create, many tags for new question](

However, while clicking on that does take you to the associated question, the comment that I was linking to is no longer highlighted on the right. 😿

Top Answer
Jack Douglas
We are working on a fairly big change to chat that will mean this problem goes away.

The plan is to replace the chat scroll bar with a minimap of all the messages ever posted in the room, and have infinite scroll in both directions: the transcript and chat will then effectively be amalgamated.

Another couple of things this will make easier:

* replying from the 'transcript'
* seeing at a glance where messages fit into the overall history of a room

I'll update this post when we release the changes.

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