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Can we have a post type named discussion? On [this](https://topanswers.xyz/tex?q=1063) question we were discussing a package. Though a bit digressed from the original question, actually it was a very good discussion.

I don't know about other communities, but at least for TeX package developers the discussion post-type would be amazing. The core difference in a "question" and a "discussion" will be there can be no question, just an experimental code and people will discuss on it. Experts can post their opinions on codes of new comers.

It's a bit different than a blog. Blog has comments only. This post-type would need both, comments as well as something like an answer (for time being let's call it *feedback*). Reason for having *feedback* is to allow users to suggest developments, ideas, corrections all together as one unit. User who have opened the discussion will also get different views together. What has happened in the comment box of that question is one user posted 10 to 15 comments which were very necessary and informative, but all of theme were somewhat scattered in the chat box. It would have been much better if all of them were posted as one unit.

What are your thoughts?
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Instead of the very broad `discussion` or `feedback` how about a `code review` tag instead? A bit like posts on code review, e.g. https://codereview.stackexchange.com/q/188168  just with the advantage that one would not separate them from the community which has the expertise in a certain topic. 

(in principle this could also be a separate post type, but I don't really see any special features it would need, so a tag could do the job equally well)
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Jack Douglas
I think this would be best posted as a 'meta' question on tex.ta, but I have some thoughts about 'answers' that you may want to adapt over there.

It seems to me that it might be good to use answer 'labels', perhaps a list with:

* "idea"
* "feedback"
* "example"

Take a look at codegolf.ta to see how answer labels work, including example of how to search, and the features we are planning to add or flesh out:

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