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I'm building a Java library for Android in Visual Studio, and I need to call a function from a third party jar.
There are two jars from this provider that have to be included in my library.

Because the module specific build.gradle.template includes the following line

dependencies {
   compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])

I created a "libs" folder and copied the jars into it.  I tried "Java Code" and "Content" as file properties, as well as "Copy always", but I can't access the package in my java code.


I know there is a function called com.sensus.sirt.Module.Class.ClassFunction(), so I tried 

import com.sensus.sirt.*;
but Visual Studio just tells me "The import cannot be resolved."

In the Microsoft documentation ([here](, there is an example of adding a third party jar by adding an explicit compile command under 'dependencies'.  But this is for a jar that is located in one of the defined repositories (jcenter or mavenCentral).  I have been given local copies of the jars.

What am I missing?

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