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Since `0.8` version of `Avalonia` the new, better type of  resources - [AvaloniaResource](https://avaloniaui.net/blog/2019-04-05-avalonia-0.8-release#avaloniaresource) was introduced.

The one of advantages (except those that mentioned in a blog post that is linked above): it provides additional information about line in a XAML that caused an exception. For example, when it contains broken binding path like this: 

`Binding $parent[ItemsRepeater]DataContext.DoSomething`

It works perfectly in C# projects but when I try to use it in F# project `.xaml` files are getting invisible:

For some reason VS can't handle them correctly:


`.xaml` files are unlisted. The same happens for `.axaml` files as well.

My `.fsproj` file looks like

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">


        <Compile Include="Views.fs" />
        <Compile Include="Program.fs" />

        <PackageReference Include="Avalonia.Desktop" Version="0.9.11" />

        <AvaloniaResource Include="**\*.xaml">

Top Answer
This is a known issue:

[AvaloniaResource files are invisible in F# projects [ Visual Studio] #4602](https://github.com/AvaloniaUI/Avalonia/issues/4602)

I personally consider it's as a bug despite there is no such label there.

Presumably it is fixed already since I wasn't able to reproduce the behavior on `0.10.0-preview5`.

Workaround for `0.9.x` :

Add these lines to the .fsproj

  <AvailableItemName Include="AvaloniaResource" />

Tested on `0.9.11` but I think it is same for previous versions and `0.9.12`.

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