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I've been trying to rewrite C# Avalonia App to F# but can't get rid of error.

public static AppBuilder BuildAvaloniaApp()
    => AppBuilder.Configure<App>()

My attempt

let buildAvaloniaApp () = 

and here is error:

FS0041	A unique overload for method 'UseManagedSystemDialogs' could not be determined based on type information prior to this program point. A type annotation may be needed.
 - (extension) AppBuilder.UseManagedSystemDialogs<'TAppBuilder when 'TAppBuilder : (new : unit -> 'TAppBuilder) and 'TAppBuilder :> AppBuilderBase<'TAppBuilder>>() : 'TAppBuilder
 - (extension) AppBuilder.UseManagedSystemDialogs<'TAppBuilder,'TWindow when 'TAppBuilder : (new : unit -> 'TAppBuilder) and 'TAppBuilder :> AppBuilderBase<'TAppBuilder> and 'TWindow : (new : unit -> 'TWindow) and 'TWindow :> Window>() : 'TAppBuilder	

How annotate function/method properly to build project without errors?

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