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Here is one of the common version of `ViewModelBase` class written in C#

public abstract class ViewModelBase : INotifyPropertyChanged
    public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;

    protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged([CallerMemberName] string propertyName = null)
        PropertyChanged?.Invoke(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName));

How to translate it to F#? Or, if it is impossible, what would be a good alternative?
Top Answer
Here's one way to achieve it:

open System.ComponentModel
open System.Runtime.CompilerServices
open System.Runtime.InteropServices

type ViewModelBase() =
    let propertyChanged = 
        Event<PropertyChangedEventHandler, PropertyChangedEventArgs>()

    interface INotifyPropertyChanged with
        member this.PropertyChanged = propertyChanged.Publish

    member this.NotifyPropertyChanged([<CallerMemberName; Optional; DefaultParameterValue(null:string)>] propertyName) = 
        propertyChanged.Trigger(this, PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName))

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