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The following is the JSON format of one of the values
          createdAt	:	2021-02-06T10:59:40.609Z
          displayOptions		{3}
          currencyCode	:	USD
          disableItemInstructions	:	false
          isMenuV2	:	true
      	entities		{3}
          combinationsMap	:	null
  	-- ... and so on
The attribute name `fc24304a-3c6f-43e3-b166-75ad588cc760` is unique to the data in the particular cell, and for all the other cells too. Which wildcard character should I use in my SQL Query to access? 

I tried enclosing the query in backticks like this and without it too SELECT<and then I'd get stuck here>.createdAt I tried putting using $ % and * symbols but to no avail. Nowhere did I find anything related to this in the docs. Please if anyone could link the particular doc I'll be very grateful.

My issue is very similar to what [this guy]( is facing but I'm using BigQuery, the other user JavaScript.

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