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## Bug report for output of JSON values from Postgres

Example query:
SELECT val, to_jsonb(val)
FROM (VALUES ('a'), ('"a"'), ('ab"cd')) examples(val)
Running this in dbfiddle at shows `""a""` and `"ab"cd"` for the json string values that contain a quote, where it should display `"\"a\""` and `"ab\"cd"` respectively. The backslash escaping is missing somehow.

Output from dbfiddle:

Output from pgadmin4:
Top Answer
Actually it's not just JSON, the problem appears with any backslashes in `text` columns:
SELECT backslash, length(backslash), quote, length(quote), backslash || quote AS concatenation
  VALUES (''), ('\'), ('\\')
) a(backslash), (
  VALUES (''), ('"'), ('\"')
) b(quote);

Actual result:

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