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Jack Douglas
db<>fiddle now has a new UI but a few missing features (for now)

The new UI is:

* written in Node.js and served from a 100% serverless AWS environment for ease of maintenance (CloudFormation, lambda, S3, CloudFront, RDS Aurora v2 Postgres)
* built around [CodeMirror 6]( which has better mobile support
* shorter urls by default (old urls should all still work though)
* fixes a few long-standing quirks
* cleaner and looks nicer (at least to my eye)

As with any major rewrite there are bound to be some problems, so please let me know if anything breaks and I'll try and fix it as soon as possible. Any other feedback is also very welcome, positive or negative. There are a few of things I know aren't working yet: 

* integration with TopAnswers
* ~~SQL Server optimizer plan diagrams~~
* collapsible result tables when many rows are returned

I'm planning to work on these over the next few days and weeks but which order I do them in may depend on feedback here so let me know if you miss any in particular. I also have a very long list of new features I'd like to add but didn't want to do on the old codebase, for example:

* new language support for non-RDBMS engines, starting with PHP
* new firecracker engines, eg MariaDB 10.7+
* perhaps take advantage of the new markdown output, eg for [charts]( or [diagrams]( - mermaid might be suitable for plan visualisations
* daily updating postgres sample databases with db<>fiddle and TopAnswers data (like

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