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User 1791
If I run a query as an Oracle **18c** fiddle, it works:

    select * from dual

 | DUMMY |
 | :---- |
 | X     |



But if I run the same query as an Oracle **21c** fiddle, it fails:

    select * from dual

    dbfiddle.uk says
    Run failed
(I can't provide a db<>fiddle link of the result, since a query needs to ***run successfully*** in order to generate a permalink.)


Why do Oracle 21c fiddles fail?
Top Answer
Jack Douglas
All working again now, the engine VM needed a reboot.

It looks like I forgot to add v21 to my monitoring. I've added it now, so hopefully I'll know before you do next time it's playing up. Some of the VMs do need attention every now and again and this is one of them.

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