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When writing SQL in db<>fiddle:

Would it be possible to **indent SQL code using the tab key?** (instead of using spaces)

Currently, it looks like tab moves focus to the next textbox/query. It's possible that some people might like it that way...it might be working as designed. But I just thought I'd mention that I'd personally find it more intuitive if it indented SQL instead, similar to how a Desktop SQL client works.
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Jack Douglas
It would be easy to implement but would create a [keyboard trap](https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG21/#no-keyboard-trap).

That hasn't stopped us allowing tabs here on TopAnswers though, so I agree it would be nice to have the same on db<>fiddle once we move to CodeMirror, as long as we document CodeMirror's ['escape hatch'](https://codemirror.net/examples/tab/). Not sure why that isn't working here on TA though, perhaps it's a varsion 6 thing.

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As a workaround, `ctrl`+`]` prepends an indent to the line or lines the cursor currently occupies. `ctrl`+`[` reduces the indent level correspondingly. 

I am not aware of a quick key combination to insert a tab character mid-line (other than from your clipboard).

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