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Oracle 18c db<>fiddle:

I have a query that I use to generate test data: [Generate grid line coordinates using SQL](

I can change the number in row #6 to generate more rows. For example, if I change it from 10 to 100, then the query will produce 20,200 rows in db<>fiddle, without issue.

with dimension as (
    select 0 as point from dual
      union all 
    select level
    from dual
    connect by level <= 10
), points as (
      a.point as startpoint, 
      b.point as endpoint,
      c.point as fixed
    from dimension a
    cross join dimension b
    cross join dimension c
    where b.point - a.point = 1
  startpoint as startpoint_x,
  fixed as startpoint_y,
  endpoint as endpoint_x,
  fixed as endpoint_y
from points
  union all
  fixed as startpoint_x,
  startpoint as startpoint_y,
  fixed as endpoint_x,
  endpoint as endpoint_y
from points
order by startpoint_y, endpoint_y, startpoint_x, endpoint_x

Out of curiosity, is there a limit to how many rows db<>fiddle is willing to return? (knowing that the expand button would need to be used to display more than 10 rows) 

I don't actually need or want hundreds of thousands of rows, I'm just curious.
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Jack Douglas
There is no specific row limit in any of the engines as far as I remember.

There are various other limits in one or more engines though:

* an execution timeout
* checks on total memory used with [`memory_get_peak_usage`](
* resource limits, like maximum disk usage, connect time, cpu usage

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