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Hosch250 (imported from SE)
I need to delete a remote branch, and found this technique:

> git push origin :the_remote_branch

I tried passing it to `Network`s `Push` method in the following forms, but nothing seems to work (`options` is my login credentials):

    _repo.Network.Push(_repo.Network.Remotes["origin"], "origin/:NewBranchForDeletion", options)  
    _repo.Network.Push(_repo.Network.Remotes["origin"], ":NewBranchForDeletion", options)  
    _repo.Network.Push(_repo.Network.Remotes["origin"], ":origin/NewBranchForDeletion", options)
    _repo.Network.Push(_repo.Network.Remotes["origin"], ":refs/remotes/:origin/NewBranchForDeletion", options)
    _repo.Network.Push(_repo.Network.Remotes["origin"], ":refs/remotes/origin/NewBranchForDeletion", options)
    _repo.Network.Push(_repo.Network.Remotes["origin"], "refs/heads/:origin/NewBranchForDeletion", options)
    _repo.Network.Push(_repo.Network.Remotes["origin"], "refs/heads/:NewBranchForDeletion", options)

And a few other options.  I cannot get it to work at all, it returns errors such as (for the ":NewBranchForDeletion" method):

> Not a valid reference "NewBranchForDeletion"

### Update:

Thanks to @Rob for finding me this comment on LibGit2Sharp's repo:

The first option fails with a `NullReferenceException` on `objectish`, and using `string.Empty` for `objectish` results in the error mentioned above.  The second option is what I am trying, except I am using the version with HTTPS validation:

    repo.Network.Push(repo.Remotes["my-remote"], objectish: null, destinationSpec: "my-branch");
    // Or using a refspec, like you would use with git push...
    repo.Network.Push(repo.Remotes["my-remote"], pushRefSpec: ":my-branch");
Top Answer
nulltoken (imported from SE)
As stated in the **[documentation](**, a refspec _"Specif(ies) what destination ref to update with what source object. The format of a <refspec> parameter is an optional plus `+`, followed by the source object <src>, followed by a colon `:`, followed by the destination ref <dst>."_

It also mentions that _"Pushing an empty <src> allows you to delete the <dst> ref from the remote repository."_

Considering these above, using the `void Push(Remote remote, string pushRefSpec)` overload, and passing `:refs/heads/branch_to_delete` as the `pushRefSpec` should do the trick.

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