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I'm wondering what options are available for drawing / plotting charts in dotnet?

Some criterias to consider:

* Free (this one is important).
* Has support for multiple platforms (not a strict demand, if there is an awesome library that can be used only on Windows that would be great too).
* Preferably open source.

Would be a nice bonus:

* Active maintainer in case of OS project.
* Decent performance.
* Big amount of chart types that goes beyond standard set
* Targeting to modern versions (.net standard 2.1 at least).

Top Answer

The project is still in beta stage but API is somewhat stable already.

Supporting platform:

* [WPF](
* [Avalonia](
* [WinForms](
* [XamarinForms](

all using `SkiaSharp` currently.

Repo: [github](

Answer #2
[ScottPlot]( - Interactive Plotting Library for .NET

Supporting platform:

* [Console](
* [WPF](
* [Avalonia](
* [WinForms](

Keep in mind that this library uses `Bitmap` under the hood for non-console applications.


* Rich documentation
* A lot of samples
* Active maintainer

Repo: [github](

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