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On a `VM` part I have the `SomeItem` type:

type SomeItem = {
    Index : int
    IsCurrent : bool

and the `SomeItems:SomeItem[]` property.

On a `View` part I have a`ListBox` where I bind the `Items` and the `SelectedIndex` properties:

    Items="{Binding SomeItems}"
    SelectedIndex="{Binding CurrentIndex}">
            <WrapPanel />
            <Border BorderBrush="{Binding IsCurrent, Converter={StaticResource b2bConv}}}" 
                <Grid />

(parts that unrelated to the Q were omitted)

Here, I use the `BoolToBrushConverter` converter to determine the color of a border depending on the `IsCurrent` property.

type BoolToBrushConverter() = 
    interface IValueConverter with
        member this.Convert(value: obj, _, _, _): obj = 
            match value with
            | :? bool as b ->
                if b then Brushes.Green else Brushes.LightGray
            | _ -> Brushes.Black
            |> box

        member this.ConvertBack(_, _, _, _): obj = 
            raise (System.NotImplementedException())

But now I want to get rid of this `IsCurrent` property since it's not very useful on a VM layer. For `WPF` I'd probably use `DataTrigger` but this feature is unsupported in Avalonia yet.

So how can I achieve the same look ?

Version of Avalonia: `0.9.11`
Top Answer
Instead of changing the border you can change the background of a `ListBoxItem` - the result would be the same.

To apply changes use next styles:

    <Style Selector="ListBoxItem:selected /template/ ContentPresenter">
        <Setter Property="Background" Value="Green" />
    <Style Selector="ListBoxItem">
        <Setter Property="Background" Value="LightGray" />

First one uses the `selected` pseudoclass (you can read more about that in the [docs](https://docs.avaloniaui.net/docs/styling/styles#pseudoclasses)). 

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