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Hannah Vernon
I'm thinking canonical questions are obviously the best questions, but should we allow the type of question where the answer is only likely to help a small number of people in future?

For example, the so-called "help me write this query" type question.
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Hannah Vernon
For the purposes of bringing traffic to the site, which is arguably the raison d'être for a website to even exist, we should probably allow any reasonably well-asked question that has relevance to the database-world.
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I'm a huge believer that the road to expertise is paved with stupid questions.

It's not on anybody to answer.

I agree with Max that this website could be a lot more fast and loose than the-site-that-shall-not-be-named. I feel like a lot of question-askers over there feel like this:

Answering good questions may be entertaining, but people aren't asking so that we can all be entertained.

I would also suggest differentiating the questions, too: Allow the mods to flag questions as humdingers vs homework.

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