As in the title, is there a way to request access to rooms such as the "Stop the Merry Go Round" room?
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Jack Douglas
Yes, just like on SE, there are public, gallery and private rooms.

> …is there a way to request access to rooms such as the "Stop the Merry Go Round" room?

[Stop the Merry Go Round](/databases?room=4) is a gallery room so all the chat is publicly visible, but write-access is invite-only.

Currently the only way to request access is to get someone from the room to ping me in chat — when that changes I'll update this post…
Is access to certain rooms restricted?
actually, shouldn't that be room=physh?
Max replying to Josh Darnell
lol, nice
Josh Darnell
Josh Darnell replying to Max
You sound like a QA testing I used to know!
Max replying to Josh Darnell
I actually "discovered" room 3 when "exploring" URLs.  Also room -1, -2, and 2147483647 lol.  
Josh Darnell replying to Paul White
I lol'd
Max replying to Paul White
ahh.  thanks!
Paul White replying to Max
This is a local (per-site) meta question. A question on meta would be analogous to main meta on SE.  
You can find a full description of hidden and secret rooms in [room 3](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=29#a16).
that would be fantastic
Josh Darnell
There's just no built in way to request it.
Josh Darnell
Jack can grant you access to STMGR :)
Josh Darnell
Hey @Max  👋
oh, I see now... the question title has "Meta Question:".  Interesting.
Also, I specified "Meta" in the dropdown on the "new question" page, but this doesn't seem to have been posted in meta.