My boss wants me to parse a set of query plans stored in a table and to determine how many nested loop operators with [unordered prefetching][1] are present in each plan. I only have around 100 query plans so performance isn't very important. I tried doing it myself but quickly got confused and couldn't make progress.

The structure of the table:

    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS dbo.query_plans;
    CREATE TABLE dbo.query_plans (
    plan_name VARCHAR(100),
    query_xml XML

I uploaded T-SQL to add three example query plans to the table on [pastebin][2]. This is the output that I'm looking for:

    ║  plan_name  ║ OPERATOR_COUNT ║
    ║ NO_PREFETCH ║              0 ║
    ║ 1_PREFETCH  ║              1 ║
    ║ 2_PREFETCH  ║              2 ║

I can't answer any questions as to why I need to do this. Thanks!

Top Answer
meme (imported from SE)
This will Work Perfectly®

    SELECT qp.plan_name, 
           qp.query_xml.value('count(//p:RelOp/p:NestedLoops/@WithUnorderedPrefetch)', 'int') AS operator_count
    FROM dbo.query_plans AS qp;

If you prefer, you could use


...and omit the namespace prefix `p:` from the XQuery expression.

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