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I've started a new job and it involves looking at a bunch of big numbers. Is there an easy way to add commas to an `int` or `decimal` field to make it readable?

For example, SQL Server outputs the column on the left, but for my own sanity, I need it to look like the one on the right:

    2036150 -> 2,036,150  

...or would I have to write some heinous 

    left(right(vandalized_data),6),3) + ',' + right(left(vandalized_data),6),3)


The perfect thing would be commas in the display grid, then plain integers in the output.
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Erik Darling
If you're on SQL Server 2012+, and you want to do it (without decimal places):

    SELECT FORMAT(2036150, N'N0')

If you're on an earlier version, you have to jump through some hoops:

    SELECT REPLACE(CONVERT(NVARCHAR(30), CAST((2036150) AS MONEY), 1), N'.00', N'')
Best way to put commas into large numbers

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