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Jack Douglas
This post is meant for you, if you are or have been a regular in "The Heap" [chatroom on SE](, and have already read our post explaining our [reason for building TopAnswers](

I'd like to say a few things to you in particular about my intentions when inviting you here:

* First of all, thank you for dropping in!
* If you are happy on SE, I don't want to try and persuade you to come here to chat and/or contribute to the Q&A. We want to build this site for primarily for people who are *already looking* for the kind of things we are trying to provide (things like open source, a non-profit model, a pure focus on Q&A etc).
* It doesn't have to be either/or anyway, at least as far as we are concerned — you are welcome to contribute in both places in any ways you chose.
* One of my main reasons for posting here is because I don't want anyone from The SE Heap thinking we've been deliberately excluding you from TopAnswers. Even if you are not looking for what we are offering, you may like to know that it is offered, and that I would value your participation because you have been [such a great community]( on SE. I just wanted to have something concrete to show you first 😊.
* I think SE underestimated how much influence the community in The SE Heap have had on shaping []( I suspect this is also true of other sites on the network. These groups, and the platform that enables them, shouldn't be second-class citizens on the site.

In short, if TopAnswers is something you are looking for, or looks like it has the potential to be, please join in, especially by asking and answering interesting questions (and starring good answers), to 'seed' the site.

If things look like they are heading in the right direction, our next step will be to add a prompt on [db<>fiddle]( along these lines:

> Need help? Ask [a question about this fiddle]( on — the focussed Q&A site for expert answers that [is building]( a library of knowledge.

I'm currently looking into adding a markdown extension for fiddles, which the link above will use when it is ready.

I can't say for sure how many questions we'll get from db<>fiddle, but usage has steadily increased to the point where we have reached about 1,000 unique visits per day, so there is at least the chance it will be effective for bringing them in. If a question comes from db<>fiddle there is also a good chance that the OP has already tried *something* to solve their problem, which is a great start!

Thanks again for dropping by and for reading this post. Please feel to use all the tools here (chat rooms like [The Heap 2.0](/databases), meta etc), to let us know what you think.

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