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Jack Douglas
I want to store a v4 UUID and enforce integrity at the database level. I'm aware of the [new UUID functions]( like [`BIN_TO_UUID`](, which look like they might help.

What's the best way of doing this?
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Jack Douglas
Use `binary(16)` with a check constraint that checks the 6 identifying bits for v4 UUIDs are set correctly. 

`binary(16)` is the natural choice for storing a UUID given there is no native type.

`BIN_TO_UUID` and `UUID_TO_BIN` are useful for converting to and from a readable format, but none of the new functions (including [IS_UUID]( are much use for constraining the data. For that we can just use the bitwise operators that [now work]( with `binary`:

> In MySQL 8.0, bit functions and operators permit binary string type arguments (BINARY, VARBINARY, and the BLOB types) and return a value of like type

The following example assumes you also want to permit the [Nil UUID](, though in most cases you probably don't:


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