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SELECT HH.datetime,Isnull(A.int1, 0) AS INT1
FROM   dbo.dummy_float AS HH
       INNER JOIN (SELECT dbo.dummy_float.datetime,t.int1
                   FROM   (SELECT Dateadd(day, Datediff(day, 0, datetime), 0) AS
                                          Format(Max(datetime), 'dd') AS sHour,
                                          Max(int1) - Min(int1) AS INT1
                           FROM   dbo.dummy_float
                           WHERE  ( datetime BETWEEN '20210801 00:00:00' AND
                                                     '20210914 13:00:00' )
                           GROUP  BY Dateadd(day, Datediff(day, 0, datetime), 0)
                          ) AS t
                          RIGHT OUTER JOIN dbo.dummy_float
                                        ON t.shour = dbo.dummy_float.datetime)
                  AS A
               ON HH.datetime = A.datetime
Top Answer
This condition that compares `shour` with `datetime` is the problem:

        ON t.shour = dbo.dummy_float.datetime
- `shour` is an `NVARCHAR` expression as it is the output of  `FORMAT()`
- `datetime` is of type `datetime`
It's not exactly clear what the condition is trying to accomplish there but in order to evaluate it, SQL Server is trying to convert the values in one of the two columns into the other datatype and failing, as for example an shour that has the value of `'20'` cannot be converted to datetime.

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