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I have a question about this fiddle:


My table has a jsonb 'attributes' column where 'owning_group' key has a comma-separated string. 
I have a case where I need to update the 'domain' column where the 'owning_group' value contains any value that is inside a given array.

I something but now I'm just lost. Here's hoping someone can help out.

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The expression `attributes->>'owning_groups'`     
returns a single (comma separated) string: `PES_ROLE,OG_STANDARD_TOR,VIEW_PUBLIC_CASE`

And that string does not match any of the strings in your IN list (the IN operator does not know anything about comma separated strings) 

If you want to store a list of values, you should use a proper array: 

    INSERT INTO reports 
      (userid, attributes)
      ('nraka', '{"owning_groups":["PES_ROLE","OG_STANDARD_TOR","VIEW_PUBLIC_CASE"], "locale":"en"}');

Then you can test the array if it contains any of the list of values using the `?|` operator:

    SELECT userid, attributes->>'owning_groups' 
    FROM reports
    WHERE attributes -> 'owning_groups' ?| array['OG_STANDARD_TOR','OG_STANDARD_MTL','OG_EXCEPTION_TOR','OG_EXCEPTION_MTL']
This will now properly return the row in the table. So you can use that operator in the WHERE clause for your update: 

    update reports
      set domain = 'PERCOM' 
    WHERE attributes -> 'owning_groups' ?| array['OG_STANDARD_TOR','OG_STANDARD_MTL','OG_EXCEPTION_TOR','OG_EXCEPTION_MTL']

If for some reason you can't change the comma separated string into a proper JSON array you will need to convert it in the WHERE clause:

    WHERE string_to_array(attributes ->> 'owning_groups', ',') && array['OG_STANDARD_TOR','OG_STANDARD_MTL','OG_EXCEPTION_TOR','OG_EXCEPTION_MTL']

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